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Energy Institute was founded in VPO “Irkutsk State Technical University” (Order №1215-O of 18/12/2013 was) to provide qualified engineering personnel of enterprises of electric power industry of the East Siberian region for the implementation of basic and applied research in the field of power engineering, electrical engineering , electrotechnology, power engineering, heat engineering and the creation of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies.

Its birth Energy Department (now – Institute of Energy) is obliged to the rapid development of industry and energy of the Irkutsk region. Its history began in 1961, when mining and metallurgy departments held a first set of students in energy fields. As an independent structural unit of the Faculty has been organized by order number 38 on the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute (IPI) on February 1, 1963 (pursuant to the order № 792 of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education of the RSFSR, dated 30 November 1962).
In 2013, under the program of development of the Irkutsk State Technical University, and the year of its fiftieth anniversary, the energy department was reorganized into the Institute of Energy (Order №1215-O of 18.12.2013 city)

The main area of ​​activity of the institute is – Science and Education. The total number of students is more than 1000 people, 110 teachers, more than a hundred employees of teaching and support staff.

Implementation at the Institute of Energy of multi-level training system, provides students with opportunities to choose their individual ways to achieve this or that stage of higher education in accordance with their interests, talents, study quality, capacity, the needs of society.

The implemented model of the educational process in the Energy Institute is intended to increase basic training in the natural sciences and general professional disciplines, a wide variety of training profiles, increasing the number of elective courses chosen by the student.

Graduates are prepared to design and engineering, production and technological, organizational and management, research and development, installation and commissioning, and service and operational activities at the facilities of economic sectors in accordance with the profile of the preparation.

The high level of training in the Institute of Energy Professionals electricity and heat is provided by the presence of a highly qualified teaching staff with the involvement of experts in the learning process-manufacturers and leading scientists of the Institute of Energy Systems Institute. LA Melentyeva RAS, the best choice of special courses, a combination of experimental and theoretical methods to the widespread use of computer technology, modern scientific and technological equipment, a broad base of textbooks, audiovisual equipment, the use of new forms of learning, including interactive. The participation of the teaching staff of the Institute, its graduate students in research work provides the integration of the educational process with the advanced modern science.

Departments of the Institute:

  1. The department “Heat power system”
  2. Basic Department “Electric Power Systems” at ESI SB RAS
  3. Major power plants, networks and systems
  4. electricity and electrical engineering Department
  5. Department of electric and electric vehicles
  6. Department of Energy Systems and complexes (ESI SB RAS)
  7. Major power system
  8. physics Department