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Institute of Cybernetics

The Institute of Cybernetics of the Irkutsk National Research Technical University is training bachelors and masters in the field of information technology in the following areas:

  • Computer science and computing;
  • Information systems and technologies.

The high level of training of students of the Institute of Cybernetics is regularly confirmed by the success at regional, All-Russian and international Olympiads in mathematics and programming. Our team regularly participates in the student programming world championships under the auspices of the Association for Computing Machinery. Repeatedly the team went to the level of semi-final competitions.

Our graduates successfully work at the largest factories in the region (IAP, IrKAZ, AECC), computer companies in the city and region, in banks and at small enterprises. Some of them opened their own firms (Frame LLC, Formosa-Siberia LLC, Cyber-Service LLC, BIT LLC, I-Point Rus LLC), whose activities are related to computer technology and information technologies. Graduates of the institute also make a successful career in foreign firms.