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March 3, 2015 began a new stage in the history of Irkutsk State Technical University. Now the university is called – Irkutsk State Technical University – IRNITU.

University rename Necessity dictated by the requirements of the Federal Law of 29.12.2012 number 273-FZ “On Education in the Russian Federation.” In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 24 of this Law, “in establishing an educational organization of higher education category” federal university “or” national research university “in the name of this organization shall contain a reference to set the category.” It should be noted that the renaming of the university will yield positive change for its graduates: in the document on education this year will be officially stated that they have finished university belongs to an elite category of national research universities.

Today IRNITU – a university with the best traditions of Russian engineering school with a strong educational, scientific and innovative potential. The University includes 10 institutes, 6 faculties, with an enrollment of over 18 thousand students.. Training is carried out in Russian.

In the year 85 – anniversary of the leading technical university, covering the territory from Tomsk to Khabarovsk, meets with a new name, new challenges and prospects for the future.

The university’s mission – to provide quality, affordable, modern education, transformed through the development of science and technology education for graduates of the new formation, capable of practical implementation of the acquired knowledge in science, business, entrepreneurship.
University Values:

High quality training of graduates, according to the requirements of society and the state
Responsibility for the effectiveness of implementation of the University of the tasks assigned to him by the state and society, for quality to ensure customer needs education and other services
Transparency and accessibility of the university intellectual potential, readiness for fruitful cooperation with the students, potential employers and other stakeholders Highly scientific – teaching staff possessing the conditions for free scientific research, creativity and maximize realizing their intellectual potential in the areas of university activity
Democracy in the management, eligibility management, collective decision-making, personnel reserve
The leading role of university leadership and innovative approach in the definition and implementation of the University’s development priorities
Cohesion university staff, the support of family values
The fundamental role of educational and scientific activities of the university as a foundation of high-quality training of students.
Continuity and continuity, the unity of teaching, research and the educational process in the university
Respect for the individual, respect for social, national, religious and other principles of equality of employees and students, creating a comfortable environment for creativity and development
Social responsibility in the field of educational activities, training of professionals in demand in the labor market, the guarantee of veterans, young professionals and other categories of university staff
Optimal conditions for free creative work, increasing the level of education, professional development and expression of university staff
Availability of infrastructure and material and technical base, providing high quality educational, scientific, cultural and social activities of the university
Integration into the world educational, scientific and cultural space
High human potential, social guarantees for employees
The qualitative development of human potential of the university: an adequate level of training of managers and academic staff (CPD) in all areas of knowledge covered by the university educational programs implemented; NDP share with a degree (including the academic degrees awarded abroad and recognized by the Russian Federation) is not less than 66%; systematic training and retraining of the NDP, including training on the basis of the profile of modern organizations in Russia and abroad; part of the NDP in the research (creative) projects implemented on the profile of educational programs the university, the annual publication of the results of research (artistic) activity in the leading national and international peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications; involvement in the educational process highly skilled manufacturing workers, employees, research and design organizations.
Vision – National Research Technical University sees itself in the future, a prestigious higher educational institution of innovative type, leading a high-level scientific – research and development, having an effective system of corporate management, able to train skilled workers in demand in the labor market in the regions of the country and abroad.