In Irkutsk, the origins of vocational training associated with the opening in 1745 of geodetic school, which in 1754 was converted into a school of navigation and geodesy. Graduates of the school have plenty of vocational training and broad-minded.

Irkutsk Navigation School was attached to the General People’s College (1789) – institution of higher level. It taught general subjects, architecture, geometry, mechanics and physics. It is important to note that the school had an excellent library and a museum of its own, consisting of tools, technical equipment, mineralogical, botanical and zoological collections.

In 1805, the General People’s College became a full conducting open then in Irkutsk male gymnasium, where students have the right to arrive at the end of university.

But classical education did not provide the edge needs for technical direction of specialists. Therefore Irkutsk real progymnasium teaching technologies was opened in 1866. Financial support progymnasium carried gold miners, owners of distilleries, as well as citizens. Subsequently progymnasium was transformed into a Technical School (1874) and Technical School – in industry (1890).

At school in 1888 for practical classes with students opened machine shops with a steam engine, water, electricity and modern machines. The ultimate goal of preschools and industrial schools were graduates in technical subjects with a high general level of education.

In 1893 opened another specialized secondary educational institution – Irkutsk Mining School, whose main task was to prepare the mine managers, installers for the mining business needs and in particular for the gold. The duration of study was determined in 4 years.

In 1918, the school was transformed into a secondary mining, and in 1920 – in the Irkutsk Polytechnic College. But the college was soon reorganized into practical Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute (Irpolprin).

Due to the difficult economic situation in the country temporarily transferred all educational institutions on the content of the local budget. In August 1923 Irpolprin was reorganized into the East-Siberian Polytechnic regional significance.

Subsequently, the Polytechnic became the basis for the opening of Irkutsk Siberian Mining Institute.