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Institute of aircraft machine engineering and Transport

The purpose of the institute is to find innovative solutions to current practical problems in the country’s transport complex system, the joint efforts of the scientific laboratories of the Institute and the leading industrial companies in Russia.
Development and implementation of joint breakthrough technologies that contribute to the formation of a strong scientific and industrial base. Preparing today’s technical staff responsible challenges of the time, the needs of the economy and society.
Strengthening cooperation of departments and relevant enterprises of the Irkutsk region.

The institute incorporates the following departments:

  • Road transport
  • Management and Logistics on Transport
  • Building, road machines and hydraulic systems
  • Aircraft design and operation of aviation technology
  • Descriptive geometry and technical drawing
  • Engineering technologies and materials
  • Technology and equipment engineering industries
  • Construction and standardization in mechanical engineering

Research laboratories

  • Technology high-performance machining, forming and strengthening of machine parts
  • Design and simulation of virtual products and processes in aircraft
  • Advanced forming methods in harvesting and production of stamping
  • High-precision assembly and installation of designs and constructions
  • Research of technological residual stresses and strains
  • Transport Laboratory IrSTU

Teaching and Research Laboratories

  • Simulation products and processes in aircraft
  • Modeling of aerodynamics, design and durability of aircraft
  • Distributed information systems and databases
  • digital prototyping
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Three-dimensional modeling and Information in Engineering
  • Design and engineering analysis
  • Simulation products and processes in mechanical engineering
  • Modeling workflows road construction machinery