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Institute of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport

The history of the Institute dates back to 1961 when the Faculty of Mechanics was established. In 2011 the departments covering mechanical engineering and transport areas of study and research were merged into the Institute of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering, and Transport.

The main objective of the Institute foundation was to concentrate efforts on the comprehensive development of the system of engineers training for aviation, machine building and transport industry of the Irkutsk region and Russia as a whole. The Institute delivers educational programs of all levels (bachelor, specialist, master, Ph.D.) including advanced training programs for specialists of related enterprises.

In their activity, the Institute departments rely on close interaction with leading national enterprises resulting in the development and implementation of joint break-through technologies ensuring the establishment of powerful research and production base of the Institute and training of skilled engineers meeting the challenges of time, requirements of economy and society.

The Institute attaches great importance to the research activity of both staff and students, search for innovative solutions of urgent practical problems in the field of machine building and transport. The Institute actively develops its infrastructure including research and training laboratories, scientific schools, strengthens business relations with leading Russian industrial companies.

Those young people who made the decision to become engineers will find broad opportunities at the Institute to realize their capabilities in professional and creative spheres.

The institute incorporates the following departments:

  • Road transport
  • Management and Logistics on Transport
  • Building, Road machines, and Hydraulic systems
  • Aircraft design and Operation of aviation technology
  • Descriptive geometry and Technical drawing
  • Engineering technologies and Materials
  • Technology and Equipment engineering industries
  • Construction and Standardization in mechanical engineering

Research laboratories

  • Technology high-performance machining, forming and strengthening of machine parts
  • Design and simulation of virtual products and processes in aircraft
  • Advanced forming methods in harvesting and production of stamping
  • High-precision assembly and installation of designs and constructions
  • Research of technological residual stresses and strains
  • Transport Laboratory IrSTU

Teaching and Research Laboratories

  • Simulation products and processes in aircraft
  • Modeling of aerodynamics, design and durability of aircraft
  • Distributed information systems and databases
  • digital prototyping
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Three-dimensional modeling and Information in Engineering
  • Design and engineering analysis
  • Simulation products and processes in mechanical engineering
  • Modeling workflows road construction machinery