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The Institute of Physics and Technology was established with the aim of developing fundamental and applied research in the field of nanotechnology, quantum and laser physics, radio electronics, and telecommunication systems.

The history of the development of the Physicotechnical Institute began with the creation in December 2005 on the basis of ISTU of Central Fundamental Research to conduct research in the field of nanotechnology.

In 2007, the Physical-Technical Institute was organized on the basis of the Central Basic Research of INRTU.

The high level of training of specialists at the Physicotechnical Institute ensures the availability of highly qualified faculty, the optimal choice of special courses, the appropriate combination of experimental and theoretical methods with extensive use of computer technology, modern scientific and technological equipment, a wide range of educational literature, the results of new forms of education. PTI teachers participate in the research work of the institute departments.

Training of specialists in the areas of “Nanotechnology and microsystem technology”, “Information security”, “Infocommunication technologies and communication systems” and “Radio Engineering”.

Today, the institute consists of 2 departments, 6 research departments, 9 training and 10 scientific laboratories.