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Physico-Technical Institute, is based on FBGOU VPO “Irkutsk State Technical University” for the development of fundamental and applied research in the field of nanotechnology, quantum and laser physics, electronics, and telecommunications systems.

History of Physical-Technical Institute began with the creation in December 2005, on the basis of Irkutsk State Technical University Center for Basic Research to carry out research work in the field of nanotechnology.

In 2007, organized by the Physical-Technical Institute at Irkutsk Technical University Center for Basic Research.

The high level of training in the FTI is ensured by a highly qualified teaching staff, the best choice of special courses, the right combination of experimental and theoretical methods to the widespread use of computer technology, modern scientific and technological equipment, a broad base of academic literature, the use of new forms of learning. PTI Teachers involved in the research work of the institute departments, which enables integration of the educational process with the advanced modern science.

PTI provides training in the areas of “Nanotechnology and Microsystem Technology”, “Information Security”, “Information and Communication Technologies and Communication” and “Radio”.

Today, the Institute consists of two departments, 6 research departments, training 9 and 10 research laboratories.