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Institute of Economics, Management and Law

The Institute of Economics, Management and Law provide the training of managers, economists, and lawyers is not a tribute to fashion or short-term profit, but the fulfillment of social order for professionals who ensure the efficient activity of the state apparatus. The goal of the Institute is not only to transfer specific knowledge or information, but also the formation of a world view, the “education” of the intellect.

Departments of the Institute:

  • Department of State and legal disciplines
  • The department of civil legal disciplines
  • Department of World Economy
  • quality control and Mechanics Department
  • Major industrial enterprises management
  • Economics and Management Department
  • Department of Criminal Law
  • Department of Economic Theory and Finance
  • The department of legal disciplines

The quality of education that the university offers to students is confirmed by the success of hundreds of its graduates working in various fields and several thousand current students.

The institute has modern high-tech laboratories. Educational and scientific departments introduce innovations in their activities that ensure a qualitative increase in the efficiency of the processes carried out and services demanded by the market. The research work of scientists and students of the institute invariably receive high marks at various competitions.