About 100 students of the International (Preparatory) Faculty IRNITU celebrated Pancake Day

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About 100 students of the International (Preparatory) Faculty IRNITU celebrated Pancake Day

In Irkutsk Technical University organized a celebration of Carnival for students of the International (Preparatory) faculty. The foreigners acquainted with Russian customs and playing folk games.

As the deputy dean of the International (Preparatory) faculty on educational work, teacher of Russian language Vagenletner Marina, holiday united about 100 citizens of the Congo, South Korea, China, Mongolia and the CIS countries. These are students who first came to Russia six months ago.

According to M. Vagenletner celebrating Maslenitsa is an important element of familiarity with Russian culture and helps students’ podfaka “receive a positive image of Russia:” During the academic semester at the meetings, “Russian Club” of our faculty are various activities for foreign students. One of the most colorful events include Mardi Gras, which we hold in late winter – early spring. During this period, students master the Russian language at a good conversational level, and therefore, may themselves become active participants in the festival.

Having organized Shrove Tuesday, a team of the International (Preparatory) Faculty tried to do everything possible to have foreign guests formed the image of Russia as a state with a highly distinctive culture and national traditions “, – said M. Vagenletner.

Leading the event were employees of the faculty – Associate Professor Lyudmila Zakharova and teacher Irina Zolotarev. They prepared for students a video presentation about the history of Shrovetide, its significance for the Slavs-pagans and Christians. Students learned that the round shape symbolizes the pancakes and what traditions honored in Cheese Week – the week before Lent. Especially for the designation of each day of Maslenitsa Russian language teacher L. Zakharova composed poems. Note that the leading spoke in Russian folk costumes, provided the head of the Center for cultural and educational work Tatiana Dashko.

In the midst of the holiday “podfakovtsam” offered to play folk games “pan”, “trickle” and “dance.”

An important element was the presentation of the story of how the mark similar to Mardi Gras celebrations in other countries – China, Mongolia and the United Kingdom. Thus, the organizers tried to show that the meeting of the winter and spring – a significant event for many peoples of the world.